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A match may look ideal on paper and tick all your boxes but if, when you meet them in person, something just doesn’t feel right it could be that they are not the same of person as you.

This could be nature’s way of ensuring harmonious relationships and creating the best environment for raising children and these instincts are hard to override.

After this section you will be able to envision your soulmate love.

In Module 2 you will be guided through exercises that will help you overcome any limiting beliefs or fears you may have about dating, love and relationships with some simple and powerful exercises.

What I mean is you will be on many dates with highly incompatible girls.

I am going to start with the absolute most important aspect for a man to own.

The key to lasting happiness is to accept yourself as you are This is probably one of the most powerful laws of attraction and also one of the most hotly disputed.

Whatever you are putting out into the world will come back to you tenfold – like a universal photocopier.

We are not suggesting that anybody has brought these events on themselves – bad things happen to good people each and every day – but how you cope, and how much support you have around you when things go wrong, will usually be in direct relation to how much you give to others.Happiness comes from the inside out Sometimes we get caught up in the belief that if only we had the right partner we would feel more confident, sexy, intelligent, attractive and altogether a better person.While there is some truth in that, nobody can make us feel that way if we don’t first believe it a bit ourselves.You will know how to use the Law of Attraction correctly and confidently and believe you will be with your soulmate after this section.In Module 3 you will learn how to begin dating deliberately and create an action plan for making the love of your life a reality.

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